How It Feels To Ride A Real Hoverboard


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The thin air turns thick beneath your feet. You step onto the Hendo Hoverboard and an invisible force compresses, condensing and coiling like a spring you cannot see. It sinks for just a split-second, slipping closer to the solid copper floor below.

But before it can touch, the magnets strengthen their resolve as they near their arch-nemesis, their object of repulsion. Reality flexes with the strain and scream of motors. Your momentum reverses with a supple bounce. Gravity gives way. The board regains lost altitude, settling into its preferred distance above the ground.

You are hovering.

Hendo Hover Photo

And soon, you are sliding. But not like socks on hardwood or a snowboard down a slope. Not even dry ice on a table matches the otherworldly lack of friction. Any semblance of traction has been deleted. You don’t decelerate. There’s nothing to grip or dig into. The slipperiness subverts you balance…

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