Here’s What Cortana Looks Like Running In Windows 10


Hey, Windows users! Ever wish you could talk to Cortana (Microsoft’s Siri/Google Now-style digital assistant) on your desktop the way you can on Windows Phone?

It’s coming.

Long-established Windows fan site WinBeta has managed to get their hands on a leaked build of Windows 10, and have coaxed a suuuuper early build of Cortana into working on the desktop OS.

It’s a bit rough around the edges, but it’s a pretty damned solid indication that Microsoft hopes to finally integrate Cortana into Windows — a move that many expected to happen in Windows 9.

As the video demonstrates, a fair amount of functionality is already in place. Things like setting reminders, making Skype calls, checking the weather, or controlling music all work. The goofy stuff like “Who are you?” or “Tell me a joke”, however, don’t seem to work just yet — the more playful responses apparently go through a…

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