Unity Finally Releases Its Long Promised User Interface Creator



Good news, everyone!

Once upon a time, Unity promised to overhaul the way developers would build user interfaces in their Unity-powered games. This was roughly around the time man discovered fire*.

[* In non-snark time, it was about a year and a half ago]

At long last, Unity has shipped version 4.6 of its visual game development system — and with it, the long promised UI editor.

If you’re not a Unity user, here’s what you need to know: Unity is a super powerful game creation engine that allows developers to work in a WYSIWYG-style interface. Games built in Unity work on nearly any platform (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, all the next-gen consoles, etc.) with minimal tweaking. You still need to know how to code to make things work the way you want, but the whole system is considerably more visual/drag-and-drop than the game engines of yesteryear.

Unlike most…

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