Startup Weekend On The Turkish Border Unites Two Countries’ Entrepreneurs


Editor’s note: Elmira Bayrasli is the founder of the World Policy Institute’s Global Entrepreneurial Ecosystems Project, which builds on the belief that entrepreneurs are a product of his or her environment.

It’s not unusual to encounter a Startup Weekend somewhere in the world. The trademarked event that brings together individuals eager to build and present it before a panel of entrepreneurship experts and investors is well known and widely replicated.

Yet, when a Startup Weekend involves Armenia and Turkey – known adversaries – things change.

Earlier this month, the Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV), the Public Journalism Club (PJC) based in Yerevan, and Global Entrepreneurship Week in Armenia collaborated to host Startup Weekend Armenia-Turkey. It was the first Startup Weekend to involve entrepreneurs from two countries with no diplomatic relations. It was also a rare Startup Weekend to take place in two different cities.

Kicking off in Armenia’s capital…

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