Voted out of the top ideas list : #swktm not to host mClassroom

Education, one of the most important of the infrastructures is also often one of the most neglected. Although an amount of millions in the name of investment has been carried out, no one really bothers to check about it. Worse we do not even like to talk about it. School experiences (in the classroom) is pretty much not likely to be one of our fondest memories.

When in reality, it does not have to be so. Human mind, the most curious of nature’s all creations, loves to learn something new. The classroom approaches are not upto the brim to satisfy the urge that a 21st century mentality has. Infact most classes are too slow and monotonous to get a grip around. mClassroom leverages the onslaught of technology that has been rapidly advancing in the recent years and forges out an application like never before for education.

As the idea was voted out of the list, Arjan as per the culture of the Startup Weekend trend joined another team. The team is of brilliant minded and passionate software engineers from Pokhara, Nepal who want to build an application called myShow and Nepal Highway Schedule. More on that on the later blog posts.

Do stay tuned for mClassroom, we will be bringing exciting news soon. 🙂


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