Clustree Automagically Matches Internal Talent With Job Positions


Meet Clustree, a French startup that uses big data to find the right person for the right position within big companies. Clustree will help both good employees who are stuck in their jobs and HR departments who might ignore that they could find the perfect candidates already working for their companies.

“Clustree is a SaaS platform for talent management,” founder and CEO Bénédicte de Raphélis Soissan told me in a phone interview. “We analyze the career paths of millions of people and create data charts of people hopping from one job to another. We calculate the likelihood and make recommendations.”

At first, Clustree downloaded tens of millions of résumés on the web to find out trends — this was just used to get a head start. Now, Clustree is much more useful as you can upload résumés from your own company. You can also manually add data about your…

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