Thematic Seminars on “Agriculture, Tourism and Education” by ncell

Friday at the Everest hotel, ncell conducted its app camp’s seminar for thematic  domains, Agriculture, Tourism and Education. A team from Mastermind studios is also participating in the event under the education category.

Thematic seminars on Agriculture, Tourism and Education were organized on November 7th, 2014. Experts from these sectors were there to share the challenges and opportunities in these categories. The seminar was held from *9:00 pm to 5:00 PM*.

As the seminars were for teams on different domains, we attended only our domain the one on education and it was pretty insightful. With Mandira didi‘s amazing voice creating an inspiring and auratic atmosphere. All in all, things got even better with the coffee from The Everest Hotel.. amazing.. by the pool.. taking about  technology in education.

The seminar (on our part) lasted for something like two hours and was quite eventful, they did get the tables arranged in a nice manner, better than last time’s. `Earlier, the seating arrangement was abit crazy, something like you see on Sajha sawal.. not today though. We were quite happy as we walked in. Tables meaning people would find it easier to jot down notes, and many had their laptops fired up, we really hoped something would pop up on the internet nothing much came up though. Maybe it takes sometime?


Unlike the last time, we were unable to jot down notes, first thing the conversation swayed on topic and off topic time and again, next thing we had something on our hands already. We will get back to it on some other posts, its about a prospective deal with a client, we really like the requirements and would love to work on it. 🙂 So, there was Arjan looking down on the drawing pad as soon as the conversation drifted off.. on his computer this is all he had..

Schools promote rote learning and the condition of most government schools are very miserable.
Think outside the box, conventional thinking is limiter of innovation. Could be more effective when applied to the primary level of students, introduce them to technology and try to ease their learning curve. – Notes! 😀

He did however take a few notes too during the period.. some words.. let’s see if we can stitch them up into something meaningful.

  • There are over 38,000 schools in Nepal so the market is quite big and so is the challenge .
  • There was quite an issue regarding student tracking and privacy concerns were raised.
  • Some discussion on teaching and learning was done.. umm.. reminded us of Sir Ken Robinson..

“Teaching, properly conceived, is not a delivery system. You know, you’re not there just to pass on received information. Great teachers do that, but what great teachers also do is mentor, stimulate, provoke, engage. You see, in the end, education is about learning. If there’s no learning going on, there’s no education going on. And people can spend an awful lot of time discussing education without ever discussing learning. The whole point of education is to get people to learn.”

  • Speakers talked about the kind of apps that they would like to have for instance like that they would really appreciate it if the app enabled learning and not really a replacement, but as an enhancement.
  • Speakers also focused on easing and effective delivery.
  • Accounting and results have been found to be a great headache for school administrators.. both during our interactions with our clients of Vidyalaya and during the session out there in the everest hotel.. seriously, something has to be done about this.
  • A participant out there came up with this

Problem based learning
feedback based teaching

  • Teacher has to be in control of the classroom.
  • engaging social/interaction
  • Routine
  • School Support System
  • Lesson planner
  • Adding value to the education institution
  • School Alumni, including curriculum in the app.

Co-founder and Senior programmer Bijay Raj Poudel also jotted some notes, here are a few excerpts:

38000 schools are there now, Education to inspire and encourage than just to distribute knowledge, applications should try and extend education using technology Chalk and talk- present trend in classroom, What kills education is lack of fun At the end of day you have bills to pay People from Ratobangla School, Cofounder and director, Kathmandu college of management, Teach for Nepal and other…. Few suggestions for applications form them like career counseling, preparation of exams Education is what remains after examination

If you are from some other domain and you are kind of disheartened by our article that we did not include report on your theme.. we’re sorry.. things are getting really heavy! We would love to help you out, send us a message if you want any suggestions. 🙂

Meanwhile we did see some participants tweet and get photos on facebook about different topics, do check them out:

View Tweets #Appcamp14
View facebook posts #Appcamp14

Best wishes! We’ve a nation to build!! 🙂


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