Ncell app camp: Notes from the first day of the seminar

Ncell app camp

Monetization and marketing seminar November 4th 2014

Here are some notes we took during the first day of the seminars that are going to be conducted as a part of the Ncell app camp 2014, if you find any misinformation please let us know.

Biswash Dhakal f1soft CEO, CashOnAd President

  • iOs revenue is higher than on Android.
  • Angry bird 52th app after long faliures.

Key Factors that need to be focused on:

  • Market segment, users and area of use
  • Uniqueness, Creativity
  • User engagement (domain specific and contextual)
  • Easiest part – development, user acquiring – difficult
    • Leverage social media integration (viral marketing).
    • Forceful marketing tools like inviting and sharing.
    • Customer centric app design.
  • Monetization
    • Customer engagement = revenue
    • In app purchases

The status of an app paid or free need to be considered. Users will download app that is free more and will also expect less from free downloads. However, free apps may not acquire loyal and genuine customers and paid apps disallow monetization through ad-sense also in-app purchases are quite uncommon.

Developer of Loadshedding app

Challenges faced:

  • Technical Challenges

    • platforms and stuffs like that

  • Publishing

    • how to get it on-line

  • Marketing

    • encouraging users to download and write review

  • Updating and maintenance of the app

Panelists discussion

The app being localized into a certain area, can it be a demoralizing or limiting factor?

Apps should be scalable and stuff, able to be implemented globally.

Technology related laws and rules, legal environment need to be implemented.

The computer has not been able to fulfill the expectations of the people. It is not a magic wand that can bring about rapid change in a whoosh. However, mobile technology has been able to penetrate the market segment and new possibilities. Thus, new opportunities are now at our door step.

Growth of reach due the availability of connectivity. Feature phones with Java are important and 70% of the people use this kind of phones. Smart phone penetration is just reaching double digits.

Java applications are difficult to distribute due to unavailability of store. Also, mobile based payment solutions are essential to create and flourish in order to efficiently implement mobile technology.

Legal framework for mobile based applications, intellectual property and copyright infringement.

  • Not under patents but under copyright, as a creative asset or intellectual property.

  • Only tangible form of products are protected by the law, not ideas but apps.

What about global patents and international copyright infringements?

  • It is wrong, and immoral.

  • Encourage innovation and avoid repetition.

Payment gateways for in-app purchases. E-commerce is not self sustainable.

UX is important user centric design focused on the target user base.

Global target segment is not a per-requisite of building an app but being specific about the target segment is.

Content is king, packaging is important but not as much as the products itself. Non digital mainstream media, word of mouth and such approaches can also be leveraged. If there is one rule, its that there is no rule.

Engagement is a very important aspect of app development.

Ways to increase engagement

  • Look and feel, UX and other design elements.

  • Engaging content and social engagement.

Develop feedback mechanisms and developer testings. Embed analytics tools and tracking into the app to analyze user activity.

In app purchase and payment gateways? There are predefined gateways, for service sell you can get merchant account from eSewa. Payments are a challenge now a days.. and people are looking forward to a sound solution. Payment gateways are sensitive portion.

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