Orientation on Vidyalaya software conducted by Bijay Raj Poudel Co founder of Mastermind Studios

Co founder Bijay Raj Poudel successfully conducted the first ever orientation of the Vidyalaya software earlier today. The program was a big hit and the representatives of the schools were filled with galore of happiness and joy. Vidyalaya solves many of the problems that schools have been facing like the wasting of precious time in the school year to repeatedly crunch in the same data over and over again. Also Vidyalaya minimizes erroneous calculations and facilitates printing of beautiful and informative reports.

It really is the coolest administrative tool available to Nepali schools and guess what?? Its freee!! 🙂

More information of Vidyalaya can be found on its website http://vidyalaya.mmstds.com/ we recall we once said we dropped Vidyalaya.. we had halted it and it has resumed. 🙂 That’s not the only good news, we also will be supporting School Tool in Nepal and help in its localization which is kind’a cool!!
Five schools from Nawalparasi participated in the software orientation program and were demonstrated on its installation guide along with the basic overview of its features.

We would like to heartily thank the representatives of Shiva Higher Secondary School,  Kawasoti Nepal Higher Secondary School, Bhimsen Higher Secondary School, Nepal Loksewa Higher Secondary School and Janajyoti model Higher Secondary School for their participation and we also assure you that the suggestions, feedbacks have been taken by heart and we will work on it. 🙂

We were able to take in some snaps of our Co founder Bijay Raj Poudel facilitating the program.. here are some glimpses..

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Do stay tuned.. we got a lot of amazing stuffs coming up!! We thank you for your support!! 🙂

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