With a pledge to support free software, software freedom day 2014 at Bhaktapur concluded

Computers have changed the way we interact, the way we share and the way we think.. the impact of computers on our day to day lives can not be denied. Here at Mastermind Studios we are determined to enhance that experience for you and try our best to better the lives of people by the use of technology. We thank you all for your kind support and appreciation, That is what that keeps us going.

This Saturday the 20th of September 2014, we all were set to celebrate the big day in open source software.

Software Freedom Day is an international celebration day dedicated to free and open source software. So we celebrated the day with pomp and joy flaunting open source and awing at its awesomeness discussing of the possibilities and the impact that it had in the technology world.

We vowed to keep up with our support from and to the open source community and function as a part of the system for the betterment of all. That is what open source is all about, its about giving back to the community.

Our team has been contributing to the translations, localization of open source software so that local businesses can port to the open source technology and bathe in its benefits. As open source provides stability, cost reduction and unparalleled community support, we envision that for a developing country such as ours there can be no any better alternative to free and open source software.

Some photographs that we took in and off our scheduled program are in our facebook page.

Also, we have included the posters that were printed to promote Software Freedom Day overall we had a great fest and would like to that all that participated in real world and virtually online. Every support makes us stronger! 🙂

Advantages of using Linux

Advantages of using Linux


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