The new week looks promising

With all the commotion and frantic moving the previous week we were all tired and could definitely have used a break! Luckily there was a reunion program of our college mates, and off we went to Nagarkot. The ride was fun void of the downpour that hit us as soon as we reached the hill point. We stayed at an inn called Funky Hill it was a nice stay. Nagarkot really is a beautiful place indeed. Moreover it was really nice to be with friends from college after such a long time.
All that being done, we are now full enthusiastic and energized to begin our very new week! It already looks exciting from the perspective!!
The week will incorporate the following events:

  1. Localization team for SchoolTool : An open source software also known as the Global Student Information System SchoolTool is a software supported by the global community. @MastermindStudios will endorse the software, dedicate a team of translators to localize the software and look for any further features and enhancements that can be implemented on the software.
  2. Halting of Vidyalaya : Vidyalaya school management software’s development is to be halted as for now. Since it is that our developers are recently very busy. Until further notice the research and development of Vidyalaya is to be mowed down due to unavoidable circumstances. However, we hope SchoolTool will help in regaining the market share by solving the need of a software in Nepali Education Industry.
  3. Prototyping/Testing of ALCS : Our first venture into electronics, ALCS short for automatic light control system looks promising. We will be working on it this week to see if we will be able to forge any iterations that can be incorporated to the design of the controller, and a lamp on that matter. Hopefully, we will be able to bring about at least one such unit, and even put it up for testing under real time conditions.
  4. Happy Children Home Project Completion : Besides of everything new that has been going on, it is equally important that we tie up the loose ends that have been hanging for a long time. We hope to complete the new webdesign of HCH by the end of this week.
  5. Into eCommerce : We will be looking at researches and other info materials on eCommerce and its potentiality in the Nepali market for our suggested co-project with Gurkha Technology.

That’s about it for this week. If anything new pops up, we will surely let you know! 🙂
Please keep up with your love and support, that’s what that keeps us going!!


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