Our help to the flood victims

Thursday 4th September 2014 we set out to buy relief items for flood victims of the Western Nepal. Fill the bucket a citizen movement has been gaining audience recently and people were looking forward to helping as much as they can. This wave had hit us too and recently we were also put forward a challenge by Manoj Bhattarai the founder and director of TechRoadians to complete the @FIllTheBucket initiative.

We had received a recent payment from our ongoing project of Happy Children Home. This enabled us to throttle our project in a whoosh without giving it a second thought. After designing posters and collaborating with a local youth club called Chetansheel Yuwa Samuha and Happy Crayons a montessori school at Sangam Colony, Bhaktapur. We set forward to complete the challenge and provide relief to the victims of the recent natural disasters.

We started off at the biggest store in the locality, buying bucket and some items. Our official colour is blue we requested for a blue bucket and all. With recent upgrades, Tanka sir’s Ramailo Enterprises has many items with hoard of choices. Kind Mr Tanka also donated food items from his shelf, he was also considerate enough to give a maximum amount of discount on our purchases. We then asked for permission to stick our posters there, stuck them to a wall and left.

Then we rode off to the other store in the locality, Sangam Grocery. There also we bought few items, asked permissions to stick our posters; stuck them and left. Mr Bhandary offered to help by letting @FIllTheBucket initiative use his store as a collection point if any more buckets were collected from the posters. Later on we rode to our final destination, a tea cafe in our locality; stuck one of our posters there and then came back to the office.

The video of our donation work can be found here on youtube:

We then went to Mulchowk Restaurant one of the drop points and then dropped off our bucket there. The featured image was taken there. The statue by our side is of Baber Sumsher.

Statue of Baber Sumsher at Babwe Mahal

Mastermind Studios co founder Arjan KC with Baber Sumsher’s statue

Senior Software Engineer Kshitiz Bajracharya

Senior Software Engineer Kshitiz Bajracharya


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